Christmas Favorites

1. The best Christmas song: Underneath The tree by Kelly Clarkson

2. Favorite Christmas treat: the candy cane shaped containers fill with M&Ms. Reeses, Snickers, and Twix. I always get them in my stocking on Christmas.

3. The best Christmas movie: Elf! “Bye Buddy, Hope you find your dad!”

4. the best Christmas activity: I love Christmas eve when we get our Christmas PJs and my dad reads a book that we do every year. Then you go to sleep without sleeping.

5. One thing I wish to get this year is a watch that doesn’t just tell the time. Or money. Or both.

6. The best Christmas service project is shoveling my grandma and grandpas drive way and my neighbors drive way because they are getting old. But it is very hard work.

7. thing I am getting for Christmas for my sister is some air fresheners.

9. Did you know the Christmas tress were first used by ancient Egyptians and Romans.

10. One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my Grandparents surprised us with a trip to Hawaii with our whole extended family. We were there for Christmas all the way to new years. But I was five years old when this happened.

Friday Funnies

Dang! This dude is on a roll. His hands are on fire!!!

Yes. He really did ask calmly. 😉

RIP to this girl. But like, who wrote this?

It’s okay. I’m fine. :]

I love her videos! They make me laugh so hard. Oh barbie…

The classic Disney Channel shows. They really are chaotic.

The best of the best. High School Musical. The cheese of all cheesiness.

You have most likely seen this but it is still funny. Are you a bad person?

That was… the worst commercial

These people have some explaining to do.

Last one!

Peace out!

My Dream Bedroom!

Even though I have redecorated my room I would still have a few changes added to it. This is what I would have in my dream bedroom.

  1. I would have a swinging chair. I have always wanted to have one of these chairs in my room. It would most likely be in the corner of my room. It would be hard to put in my room though.







2.  The second thing I would want in my room is an alarm clock that can also project the time on the wall. I already have this in my room and it is a big help. If I were to change my room again this is a keeper. You wouldn’t need to turn your head in the middle of the night to look at the time.


3. The last thing I would have is a loft in my room. I wouldn’t want to climb high so I would have stairs to the bed. I would also like there to be storage underneath for extra clothes. But it also might be hard to make the bed.


Sokka The Non-Bender

Sokka is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is part of the Southern water tribe. He has a sister named Katara. Katara is a water-bender which makes her able to control water but Sokka can’t because he wasn’t born with that power. He is either 15 or 16 years old. He and his sister team up with the long lost avatar named, Aang. The three of them are trying to stop the Firelord. Along the way they find Toph, a Earth-bender. Later on they find Zuko, the Firelord’s son. Sokka has to come up with all of these plans to win and take down the Firelord. After all, Sokka is an amazing character and plays a key part in the show.

Amazon Favorites

  1. “Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps” is perfect if you have a friend that lives far away.








2. Claw Clips. When you have long hair this is the perfect thing to put your hair back with







3. Retro Pink Keyboard. You would like this if you are into gaming and like the color pink. Very cute.







4. Marble Tray. This would be good for room decorations. You can put jewelry or anything on it.





5. Retro Pixel Art Game. This looks very entertaining and it comes with Bluetooth. Also has multiple colors. Very fun and entertaining!








6. Sunset Lamp Projector. This looks really cool to have in your room. It can change all types of colors.








7. Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. This looks so cool to type with. I have always wanted to try one.








8. Dad Joke Button. If you are ever sad then you need this button to make you laugh with these jokes.







9. Spy Pen. This pen is not normal. It has a camera which you can record with. Perfect to see if anyone is stealing from you.






10. Reusable Notebook. This notebook can scan your notes and can wipe away pen marks, which is really cool to use and not a waste of paper.










Personality Quizzes

Here are some quizzes I took on National Geographic. Find out what I am!


  1. The first quiz i took was “Nerd A to Z”. When it said I knew everything up to date, I don’t think I do.




2. Next I took which ice cream flavor am I and I got Mint Chocolate Chip.




3. The last one I took was which pet am I. I got a dog! Yay!


Do I Really Like the Name Olivia?

To be honest, I think Olivia is a good name. the only down side is that there are a lot of Olivias in this school. It’s not a bad thing, I just personally don’t like 4 Olivias in one class. But I do like my nickname Livie but people always spell it a different way like Livy. To me that looks very weird. Olivia means olive tree. I don’t even like olives. I was named Olivia because when I was born my head was very round so it looked like an “O”. But I really don’t mind the name Olivia.

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